1. Parents /Guardians have to co-operate with the authorities of the school for enforcing regularity and discipline, and for promoting the intellectual and cultural development of the children. They should everyday supervise and check their child’s home work.
  2. Parents are advised not to absent their children from the classes to attend any social functions. Such a practice can have serious impact on their behavior and studies.
  3. If for any serious reason a parent desires that his/her child returns from the school before the scheduled time, he/she can apply in writing and get the principal’s sanction.
  4. Parents are kindly requested to bring any sort of complaint directly to the principal/manager and not through any member of the staff. If a student remains absent from the school, he/she shall produce an explanatory note from the parent/guardian on the very next day he/she attends the class, the reason for his/her absence.
  5. If the leave or absence is for more than 3 days, guardian shall write to the principal about it in advance. Absence on account of illness should be supported by medical certificate. No leave will be granted
  6. except for genuine reason. Absence without leave application is not allowed in any form.
  7. It is advisable not to send a student suffering from infectious or contagious disease to school. A medical certificate showing that the student is free from infection should be produced when he/she rejoins the school after such illness.
  8. Parents/Guardians should see and sign the report card on the second Saturday/the Open House day itself. In case of any unseen event, an application from the parent/ Guardian should reach to the school office before the Second Saturday/Open House. Genuine reason would be accepted.
  9. All students shall make themselves familiar with the rules and regulations that determine their conduct in the school. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as excuse. Parents/ guardians are requested to ensure that the above rules are carefully observed by their children.
  10. Parents are informed that their children are liable to be suspended or given warning letter for -Repeatedly not wearing the correct uniform -Repeatedly not getting the remarks signed and / or not having the leave record duly completed. -Repeatedly forgetting to bring the required books and the school diary daily to school -Repeatedly coming to school late.
  11. Please ensure that your child does not bring any weapon, costly articles, CDs, calculators, slam books, mobile phones pen-drives, crackers explosives other dangerous materials and jewelry to the school. Any student found possessing these articles will be subjected to strict action or immediate dismissal from the school.
  12. Parents are advised not to over-pamper or over-protect their wards by fulfilling all their demands or wishes.
  13. Parents should not discourage their ward from certain exposure programme to villages, old age homes, orphanages to make the students aware the reality of nature and society. This will better prepare them to face reality of life. 16. Parent teacher meeting will be held in the School on the SATURDAY of every month between 9.00 am – 12.00 noon.