St. Thomas higher secondary school is co-educational English medium School managed by Sagar Diocesen Service Society. It stands

  1. To form intellectually developed emotionally mature morally upright and spiritually enlightened citizens who are able to dedicate selfless services to the society and nation
  2. To build a new generation people who are committed to fulfil the task of building up a just society.
  3. To help the inner liberation of human.
  4. To foster in the student a high degree of integrity, honesty, respect, resourcefulness and responsibility .
  5. To promote the feeling of oneness among the students and staff belonging to different linguistic. Religious and social groups.

We consider education as an integral formation of the human person for the fulfillment of his her individual and social responsibility.

Our education endeavors aim at forming leaders who are intellectually component . Spiritually mature, morally upright psychologically healthy and socially acceptable. Who will champion cause of justice. Love truth and peace and who are ever open to further.